Setting Expectations For Your Special Night (To Avoid Awkward Moments)

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How to make sure you and your date are on the same page so there are no misunderstandings.

Disappointment is often described as expectations not being met. This can happen in all areas of life.

The bigger the occasion, the more opportunity there is for either pure delight, or bitter disappointment.

Once you have got a date, it is time to start thinking about expectations.

It’s very important to set clear boundaries right up front, to avoid any let downs over the night.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

What girls expect from the guys on the night

  • Chivalry
  • Respect
  • Understanding of boundaries
  • For their date to be well dressed
  • For the guy to be prepared

Make it clear that it is just a friend thing if you don’t want to be romantically involved with your date.

What guys expect from the girls

  • To be realistic
  • To not hate them if they can’t dance
  • The girl to spend the majority of the evening with them (it’s OK to spend some time with others but the girl should remember who she came along with)
  • To understand they may not have the budget for a fancy limousine and expensive dinner

Show your authenticity by being straight up and honest about not only your feelings, but your expectations of the night. Communication between you both will help you avoid any potentially awkward situations and ensure that you get the most out of what can be a truly magical evening.

You should never feel pressured into doing something that you are not 100 percent comfortable doing whether it is kissing, drinking alcohol or anything else. If it doesn’t feel like the right thing to be doing then it probably isn’t.

If any of your friends don’t have a date make sure you support them. It can be tough going along to a big dance without a date, especially if most of your friends have one.

Some of the most heartfelt stories we hear are about are when a crush is going with someone else. Nothing but time can heal the deep wounds that are caused by this kind of situation.

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