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4 Reasons Going Solo to Homecoming Might be one of the Best Decisions You Make

There is a common perception that having a date to homecoming is the best way to guarantee you have a fun night at homecoming.

Some girls even go so far as to think that it is the only way that you can have a good night.

I, for one, would like to propose that this is not the case at all. Ladies, in your senior year especially, homecoming can in fact be better without a date for 4 key reasons.

1) Making memories with people who have been there through it all with you

Homecoming is one of the final times in high school you get to be with a large group of people that you grew up with.

There are a handful of ‘last’ events saved specially for your senior year, like prom, graduation, pranks etc., but the year flies by and before you know it you will walking across the stage and not looking back.

Homecoming is a time to make the most of and to celebrate the beginning of the end of your high school experience and, in my experience, is best experienced with your group of friends.

While having a date can be fun, you can often find yourself spending the majority of the evening with them and without realising it, finishing your final homecoming without sharing many memories with your friends who have been there with you through it all.

Going solo to homecoming is not a sign of loneliness or isolation-in fact, it just might make you more social and included in the festivities than if you had a date.

2) Less stressful/time consuming

Senior year is already busy enough, you do not need the added stress of organising a date, matching dress/tie combinations, deciding whether your attend his friends or your friends’ pre-prom function: the list goes on and on of ‘couple-y’ things that need to be organised which in your hectic senior year, do really not need to be added to the mix.

In many cases it ends up that the rewards do not outweigh the stress that goes into planning something like taking a date to homecoming; going solo is just oh-so-much easier!

3) Less emotionally complicated

Are we going as friends or more than friends? Did he ask me because he didn’t have anyone else to go with or does he legitimately want to go with me? Does he like like me or does he just want to go back to how we used to be at the end of all this?

There can be so many questions that run through girls’ heads in the lead up to homecoming in regard to dates. Homecoming is supposed to be a fun night at the beginning of the year to rally together before the year kicks into full swing and as seniors your lives get hectic as the beginning of the end gets in sight.

If it becomes an occasion that upsets you, is confusing, unfair or negative, the magic of the night is ruined and can in fact ruin your experience.

Ladies, you want to be spending your homecoming in dresses and heels and lipstick and hair, not be suffering from a serious case of panda eyes from your mascara running down underneath your eyes. Sometimes boys are just really not worth it and neither is taking them as dates.

4) Asserting your independence and maturity

Senior year is 9 months of your life that will pass in the blink of an eye. From that first day walking into the halls of your high school with a spring in your step as you’re finally the oldest and highest in the hierarchy that is secondary education, to walking out those door for the last time leaving the last 4 years behind you; it all flies by so incredibly quickly.

You’re barely out of junior-year in the beginning and by the end of the school year you are a fully-fledged sort-of-adult ready to go out into the big wide world and make your own future. Senior year is the time in your life where you can begin to make decisions for yourself, follow your own path and live your life as you choose.

It’s a time when peer pressure becomes less relevant and what your friends are/aren’t doing is less significant in your decision making process.

It’s a time where you truly begin to live life for you and no one really cares if you’re conforming to the norm. Not going with a date to homecoming can be a perfect first step on the path of gaining independence in your life, a sort of ‘practice’ to prepare you to confidently make decisions different to those of people around you, something that is a big part of maturity and getting older.

Especially if your only reason for wanting a date is because it has been traditionally societally accepted-this is your time to break the status quo and feel good about doing so.

Gone are the days where going solo to homecoming is depressing or lonely. Senior gals, go for it; you may just make one of the best decisions of your final year of high school.

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