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What to Wear to Winter Formal (Style Tips)

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It’s that time of the year again.

The beginning of the happiest season of all also means that it’s time to start preparing for your Winter Formal.

Winter Formals are held by many schools each year between December and March.

A chance to celebrate the holiday season and give students an occasion to look forward to in the months between Homecoming in Fall and Prom in Spring/Summer.

These dances, also sometimes given snazzy names like the ‘Jingle Ball’, ‘Winterfest’ or ‘Snow Dance’, work similarly to Prom in that they involve bringing dates, taking pictures, and dancing the night away.

However, one key difference is the fashion worn at these events.

What you need to know about Winter Formal Styles

Many girls often wonder about the style etiquette involved with winter-formals.

Should I wear a long or short dress?

Should I wear heels or flats?

Should I dress in winter/holiday colours and patterns?

Just how formal is the formal exactly?

While there is no universal dress code for winter formals, some trends have emerged over the years regarding what to wear.

Make sure you check the school guidelines as there will often be rules around how short the dress can be.

For Winter Formals this year, here are some classic looks to keep in mind when choosing your look.

Long Sleeved Short Dresses

A long sleeved short dress is a look guaranteed to stay in fashion for many years to come.

The increased length of sleeves adds a conservative touch to looks, and the extra bit of coverage allows extra warmth when wintry weather strikes on the night of your formal.

The variety of hemlines and necklines available though do allow the style to remain flirty, comfortable, and fun.

Holiday-Colored Dresses

A common misconception with winter formals is that you have to be decked out head-to-toe in Christmas gear.

This is not the case-while it can be fun to celebrate the holiday season by dressing up in red and green, it is by no means mandatory to look like a walking Christmas gram at your dance.

Rather, it is more common for girls to dress in holiday-inspired looks, taking the more muted aspects of holiday attire and morphing it into a formal fashion.

A perfect example of this is finding sparkly, silver, or gold dresses.

Dresses with a bit of shimmer and shine to them are reminiscent of snow flakes and still allow you to pay homage to the holidays while keeping in fashion.

If you want to play it safe a lot of girls go with red or blue.

Image: Flickr

Strappy Shoes

Strappy shoes can be great at school dances all-year round, but there is perhaps no better time to wear them then at your winter formal.

If you are worried that the thicker/warmer texture and style of your long-sleeved or dark coloured dress may leave you feeling weighed down, the best thing you can do is wear a pair of strappy heels.

Not only do they make your legs look great, they provide a delicate feel that will soften/lighten your overall winter look.

Glittery Jewelry

Glittery jewelry can put the perfect touch on a winter formal look.

Not only can you find ways to incorporate small holiday aspects like snowflake earrings, or a charm bracelet with reindeer charms, but you can add extra sparkle to make your look ‘pop’!

A quick tip to keep in mind when choosing jewelry is to make sure to match your colors; for example, if you have silver shoes do silver jewelry, or if you are planning to wear a gold dress wear gold jewelry as well.

What to Wear to Winter Formal for Guys?

For any formal dance it is best to check the school rules to find out what is acceptable. Most schools will have rules around the obvious things for guys, e.g no Jeans, T-Shirts or Shorts.

Guys can never go wrong by going with either a classic tuxedo type of look:

Image: Source

Or they can go a little less formal and wear a blazer and trousers.

Final Thoughts on Winter Formals

Dressing up in formal dress is what makes your experience extra fun.

Make the most of it and wear something that celebrates your uniqueness.

What will you be wearing to your winter formal this year?

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