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Top 5 Best ever Homecoming and Prom Proposals

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Here are some of the cutest, funniest homecoming and prom proposals on the internet.

#1 Jaren Strader and Macy McCoy

Jaren asks Macy with a movie trailer that actually aired at the local theatre! It took Jaren over a month of editing, planning and secretive filming. Macy had no idea….

Why it worked: With the effort that Jaren put into this cinematography it really only had one outcome. What girl could ever say no to something like that?

Key Takeaways: If you put in the maximum time and care that you can to create the wow factor you put yourself in the best position possible for a simple “Yes”

Image: UnSplash

#2 Cute Homecoming Proposal

Devin sets up cameras and a surprise when he asks his friend to Homecoming.

Why it worked: Looks like he got a lot of help with this one, all her friends were involved as well and if they are helping you out, you are probably in with a good chance.

Key Takeaways:Reading some of the comments on this video by girls and you will see why he was so successful. A lot of the girls loved what he had to say. Say the right things and you can win a lot of hearts.

#3 Justin Montello and Cathy

Justin gets the whole family involved in this promposal.

Why it worked: The combination of cuteness and the family pressure all helped contribute to a yes in this one.

Key Takeaways:Even if you don’t have the best singing voice and your family are not celebrities, by thinking outside the box you can find success.

#4 Raymond asking Colleen to Prom

Raymond tests out his pipes on Colleen

Why it worked: He has a great singing voice and seems like a really sweet guy.

Key Takeaways:If you have a natural talent like singing or dancing make sure you use it.

#5 Flash Mob Prom Proposal

This guy goes to a huge effort to ask the big question. Flash mob proposals have always been popular for marriage proposals and it is easy to see why. They work well.

Why it worked: For a start that song is always going to do well when it comes to proposals. He, like some of the others, put in a lot of effort and had help from his friends.

Key Takeaways:There is a common theme starting to appear. Even if you can’t sing, or dance very well, by having a go and putting yourself out there you can have success with prom and homecoming proposals.

If you have a favorite Prom or Homecoming proposal that you think we should feature on our site let us know. If it is good enough we will add it to the list.

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