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Which Undergarments are Best for Prom ? (Essential Information)

When it comes to foolproofing your prom outfit, you need the right undergarments.

Getting this right can help protect you from embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Undergarments are necessary to support and enhance the line of your outfit.

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When you shop for prom undergarments, here are the essentials:

No 1: Invisible/seamless strapless bra or bustier

The type of prom dress you’ll wear requires the right type of bra for seamless coverage and support.

  • If you are going to wear a strapless dress that doesn’t show much cleavage, a simple strapless bra with padded support will do.
  • If your prom dress is both strapless and has a deep cleavage, you’ll need a deep V-neck strapless bra with low middle part so your bra doesn’t show in the middle, ideally in a nude color.
  • If you are going to wear a strapless short prom dress, a bra may not be necessary if the dress top has integrated padded cups, especially if your breast size is small to medium.

    If your breast size is larger though, you will need extra support with a thin strapless bustier that covers your waist and breasts and flatters your upper part.

  • If you are going to wear a prom dress with a criss-cross open back, you should either get an invisible bra with clear back straps or a criss/cross multi way bra that has criss-cross bands on the same level the dress “X” criss-cross line falls–if the dress covers them up, perfect.

    Otherwise, get an invisible bra adhesive with clear to no straps.

  • If you are going to show both back and cleavage, and don’t want your bra to show through, you should get some nipple covers and uplift stickers so you can cover your nipples and offer your breast a natural invisible boost.
  • Lastly, in case you are plus-sized girl with curves and will wear a strapless one-shoulder dress, you should look out for a strapless bra in nude color that offers full breast coverage and support, minus the straps.

No 2: Seamless panties

Although panties are less of a hassle than finding a bra, they are almost just as important in fool-proofing your prom dress/outfit.

In most cases, a simple nude waist-level brief that isn’t too revealing or too full will do, but it depends on your body type as well.

If you are a thin or have an average figure with no tummy, a low-rise brief in white, black, or nude color is perfectly fine.

If you are on the plus side and want to show off your curves elegantly, a high-rise slimming brief is great for this case, and should help give the illusion of a slimmer waist with a curvier butt.

Whatever type you choose, make sure that your panties are a perfect fit and that you feel comfortable in them so you don’t have to awkwardly readjust them or limit your moves.

No 3: Right pair of stockings/panty hose

Wearing a pantyhose with your prom dress may sound a bit outdated and something an old lady will wear, but it’s actually very practical and won’t take points off your prom dress if you do it right, not to mention it may hide some imperfections of your legs like cellulite or varicose veins.

Especially if the weather outside will be cold, you shouldn’t think twice about wearing a pair of stockings. Of course, you can’t wear stockings in weird colors and prints that will clash with colors and patterns of your dress and make you look like a clown.

In most cases and prom dress lengths, a simple nude/flesh color thin pantyhose should do the trick. If you are going to wear a short prom dress in a dark black, navy blue, purple, or burgundy shade a thin black pantyhose or fishnet stockings, will blend well with the dark colors and style of the dress.

No 4: Other corrective or supportive undergarments

Many girls are wondering if it’s also a good idea to wear butt enhancers or waist shapers and corsets that give the illusion of smaller waist and larger hips. The answer is YES, as long as the panties and waist shapers are nude, lightly padded, and with no obvious seams, otherwise they will look obvious.

These are not necessary if you are not wearing a tight bodycon prom dress but if you generally want to make your waist slimmer and your hips more enhanced, they are actually a great idea.

A rule of thumb to keep in mind whatever type of undergarment you’ll choose, is to make sure the color is neutral and that there are no obvious lines and seams popping up.

The best look is one where it is impossible to tell what you’ve worn underneath.

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