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Should I Wear a Garter to Prom?

Although traditionally, garters are worn by brides, garters can be worn for prom as well.

In fact, in some cases this has been a tradition among schools.

Wearing a garter to prom is not essential, but it can be fun.

Some schools throw a garter ceremony. The girl that is wearing a garter will remove it and throw it over a crowd of cheering guys. The lucky guy that manages to catch it will win a dance with her.

Another variation practiced in some prom ceremonies is when the girl removes the garter from her leg and wraps it around a guy’s arm.

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The girl can later give it to her date, take it as a souvenir, or simply throw it with her girlfriends in the air–any case, it’s a fun tradition that makes prom even more unique and unforgettable.

Selecting your garter

As a little extra accessory, garters are not hard to pick and you don’t need to worry much about what type or color to choose.

Some girls opt for nude colors, which is the all time classic and safe option, while other girls match the color of the garter to that of their dress.

Some pick something according to their school’s prom code e.g all-white theme.

The most common kinds of garter are:

  • The silky one. This is probably one of the most popular and classic choices worn by brides and in other special occasions like prom. If you like the feel and look of silk but don’t want your garter to look bride-ish, instead of a white or champagne color, you can go for a nude pink, blue, teal, or red if you are extra bold.
  • The Lace one. The lace one is another popular option for a prom garter as lace has been a vintage trend that is still in fashion. Black, white, nude, and navy blue are the most classic and popular colors to wear but it depends on the color of your dress as well.
  • The cotton one. Although not as luxurious like the rest types (e.g lace and silk garters) it is one of the most affordable and basic options if you want to keep the tradition but don’t want to pay much as most garters of this type cost less than $10.
  • The rhinestone garter. Just like its name, this garter is usually made of a fine silk or lace material with the addition of small rhinestones that give it that extra sparkly and glamorous effect. If you are going to throw your garner in the air or give it to your date, this is a quite flirty way to stand out.

Some other variations of the above kinds include garters that are made of a fine, mesh material, and garters with a beautiful flower embellished pattern or extra bow ties that give it a more girly and romantic look.

Where to buy your prom garter

Garters are a bit tricky to find as they are special occasion accessories. But with many stores and online places, finding the right prom garter isn’t as hard as it was years ago. Here are the most popular options:

  • Lingerie Shops. It’s possible to find a garter in some department stores in the lingerie section but in most cases, exclusive lingerie shops that carry special occasion lingerie are your safest bet.
  • Vintage clothing shops. As garters are a very popular vintage trend that has been worn traditionally for ages, you may also find a classic vintage option in a vintage clothing shop.
  • Online retailers. If you don’t have the time or energy to spend looking in stores, choosing the perfect garter online is a great idea as there are literally thousands of sellers that sell them along with other accessories and you can browse through the one you like best. You can also get one for cheaper if you get it from a second hand seller.
  • A professional seamstress. If you want a more unique and custom-made garter, you can hire a professional seamstress to do it in a color, material, and pattern of your choice–if you can add your initials as well, that would make it even more personal and unique, especially if you are going to keep it afterwards as a souvenir.

Last but not least, you can ask your mum to hand you her garter–if she grew up or got married in the 70s or 80s, chances are, she may have one.

It may look a bit old fashioned but it will save you money and time looking for one in stores.

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