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What to Wear to Homecoming Dance this Year (Boys and Girls)

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It is well-known that every teen looks forward to the homecoming dance each year. It gives boys and girls the opportunity to dress up, go out, and dance the night away. Apart from worrying about who is going to ask whom to the dance, what to wear is usually another big concern for most teens.

While every school is different, a huge majority of them tend to have similar rules when it comes to the homecoming dance dress code.

What to wear to homecoming dance this year


Formal attire

Formal attire may also be referred to as black-tie. When it comes to the homecoming dance, boys should dress up the best they can.

Wearing a tuxedo or even a dark suit, a white dress shirt, conservative neck tie, dress socks, and dress shoes can do the trick.

Semi-formal attire

According to fashion experts, a boy dressing up in semi-formal attire clothes basically means wearing a suit and tie, with a small twist.

For a semi-formal homecoming dance, boys can wear a wear a suit; however, the color should be dark. This could be brown, black or navy.

You can also wear a dress shirt, dress, dress socks, and dark shoes. The twist is that a vest and tie are optional when it comes to semi-formal attire.

Tips to keep in mind for the boys

  • Make a choice on whether to go for a tuxedo or a suit. Despite having different requirements, most schools tend to appreciate when the boys show up in tuxedos or fitting suits.
  • Even though what you wear is up to you, talking to your date and getting a sense of what she intends to wear is usually a good thing. You wouldn’t want to show up as looking like you came from different planets.
  • Make sure you and your date have the same level of glamour. This means you should at least match in terms of formalness, or lack thereof. For instance, if your date shows up in a ball gown, it may appear awkward if you show up in a sports coat.


Formal attire

For the homecoming dance, girls can wear a dressy cocktail dress, formal floor-length gown, or little black dress. To top it all off, depending on taste, one may opt for accessories such as panty hose, high heels, and an evening bag.

Semi-formal attire

When it comes to semi-formal attire, girls tend to have a bit more room to maneuver. There options can range anywhere from a cocktail dress to a dressy skirt and jacket. To stay in tune with a semi-formal dress code, you can opt for a little black dress, an afternoon cocktail dress, or perhaps a suit. In addition, heels are a preferred choice.

Tips to keep in mind for the girls

• For your homecoming dance, you can decide to go all celebrity. You can choose to purchase dresses that are replicas of those worn by your favorite TV stars.

• You can opt for a strapless knee-length dress, which is an absolute winner. This gorgeous piece is available in black or white, and comes with great sticky trim lines on the inside of the sleeves and top of the dress.

Meilun Women’s Strapless Knee Length Off Shoulder Dress

• If you are more into ball gowns, then the La Femme ball gown is something you may want to consider. The good thing with a ball gown dress is that you can hardly ever go wrong.

La Femme – Lace Embroidered A-Line Gown with Slit

School Dress codes

Different schools have different kinds of rules when it comes to the type of attire allowed for homecoming dance. In most cases, the rules are there to encourage young teens to dress a bit modestly.

In certain schools, girls cannot wear dresses that are shorter than 6 inches above the knee. Other schools state a dress needs to be longer, maybe an inch below the knee. There are also rules on whether dresses should have cut out details or be low-cut, even if such features happen to be currently trending.

For boys, there can be rules regarding whether clothes are too baggy or big, along with attire that is torn, even if that’s their style. However, all this depends on your school.

If you happen to be heading for a dance at another school, make sure to ask what the dress code rules are.

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